step by step: days 86-89

Day 86: PCT mile 1401 to PCT mile 1418.9, 17.9 miles
Day 87: PCT mile 1418.9 to 1440.5; 21.6 miles
Day 88: PCT mile 1440.5 to Butcherknife Creek, 24 miles 
Day 89: Butcherknife Creek to PCT mile 1487.9, 22.4 miles

Day 86 had us hiking into Burney Falls State Park to pick-up another resupply package. The day was full of a variety of water sources and views, which was a relief after our last two dry, hot days. 

The trail was pretty flat, and the 15 miles to the park went quickly, especially as we came upon some trail magic! A cold soda on a hot day is a wonderful thing!

The next day was rolling, and we caught some great views of Mt. Shasta. We even found a campsite on a ridge with the best view of the mountain all day. The following morning we awoke to the following view, not too shabby!

We hiked down to a spring for some much appreciated water. We’ve been in a dry stretch of trail these last 100 or so miles, and instead of having water every 3-5 miles, to now it being every 10-12 miles. Ah, how quickly we forget the desert; we were spoiled by the Sierras! We filled-up and made it to the next water by mid-afternoon. We really like carrying powdered Gatorade, so we really look forward to a spring or creek during the day so we can make cold Gatorade! 

Happily that night we were able to camp next to Butcherknife Creek in Centipede Gulch. Our feet were thankful for the cold soak! Garrett has been hiking in sandals as he has developed some terrible blisters. The sandals have helped, but he cannot hike to Canada in them. We ordered a new pair to out next food pick-up.

Being as we slept in a deep gulch, the sun didn’t seem to shine until about 8am, just as we were arriving in the bottom of Centipede Gulch. We walked along the McCloud River for a couple miles, before entering Fitzhugh Gulch, and then starting our climb out. We stopped for lunch near the top of the rise, and then dropped back down into Squaw Creek Valley. After looking at both a gulch and a valley in the same day, I can honestly say I have no idea what distinguishes the two! 

What goes down must go up on the PCT, and we again climbed up to the top of another rise. All and all we climbed 7000ft throughout the day (which is a lot!), and it felt great! We’ve been starting to consistently hike longer days, and our legs are staring to get the hang of it; which is good, as we need the energy to get us to Canada!