the land of lakes: days 112-115

Day 112: PCT mile 1886.6 to Lower Rosary Lake, 21.6 miles
Day 113: Lower Rosary Lake to Stormy Lake, 24.5 miles
Day 114: Stormy Lake to PCT mile 1951.8, 20.5 miles 
Day 115: PCT Mile 1951.8 to 1973.7, 21.9 miles

We woke-up to a nice sunrise on Summit Lake, and made our way into Diamond Peak Wilderness. There was thankfully more water than the day before, and the miles came easily. Garrett was feeling much better, too! Which was well timed, as we ran into some thru-hikers who’s parents were out for the week meeting-up with them and BBQing. They invited us to join them, and we made it to the road in time for beer, cheese & crackers, and hot dogs. It was delicious, and it was very kind of them to include us in the feast! Afterwards, we hiked a few more miles to Lower Rosary Lake and made camp (we’re getting spoiled camping by water two nights in a row!).

The next two days were filled with lots of lakes; which again was so nice, after being through those past dry miles. 

On day 114 we hiked into Elk Lake Resort, located about a mile off trail, to pick-up a small food package we sent and get dinner. It was a nice spot, and hot food is always good! Afterwards, we hiked out a couple miles and made camp.

first view of the most southern Sister

The next day we entered the Three Sisters Wilderness, and saw views of the Three Sisters mountains for most of the day. The mountains still have glaciers on them, and we were able to collect water from a glacial spring! In the afternoon we walked through the Obsidian Falls area, and there was obsidian everywhere! 

We finished the day waking through a field of lava rocks, underneath the glaciers. It was one of the most unique days on the trail so far. We went to sleep under the stars, listening to the spring near by, in awe of our day.