back to it: days 71-73

Day 71: Route 501 to Eagle Nest Shelter, 15.1 miles
Day 72: Eagle Nest Shelter to Ekville Shelter, 23.8 miles
Day 73: Ekville Shelter to George W. Outerbridge Shelter, 24.2 miles 
Total AT miles: 1256.8

We had a great two days visiting my mom at our lake house. It was hard to leave, but the trail was calling. We arrived back to the trail around 2pm, and walked into the misty woods. It had rained hard the night before, and parts of the trail were completely swamped. We quickly got our feet wet, and once we did it was easy to tromp through the puddles. We stopped to eat our dinner, we packed in Subway from town, and walked the last four miles to Eagle Nest Shelter. We thankfully secured the last two spots, and tucked into our sleeping bags for the evening.

It rained overnight and into the morning, but we were still up and out before seven. The trail passed through Port Clinton nine miles later, and we waited fifteen minutes for the only restaurant in town to open to have lunch. Afterwards, it was a steep hike out of Port Clinton and back up to the ridge. We walked in a cloud for most of the day. With six miles to go to the shelter my legs were feeling weary from the rocks, when all the sudden the trail changed to a flat wide overgrown road. It lasted for nearly five miles, and we cruised into the shelter in time for dinner. 

The next day was more of the rocks that Pennsylvania is known for, and we scrambled up and over many rocky ridges.

The sun also came our for the first time in nearly a week, and we could actually see the valleys below! We ran into a man doing some trail magic, and he gave us soft pretzels and birch beer (Garrett also took a hoagie!). It certainly helped us power through the rocks, and we made it in good time to the shelter. There were only a few hikers there, and one of them was bemoaning the fact that he had too much instant coffee. He asked me if I wanted some. I was running low, and not sure if I’d find it in the next town, so I was happy to have a few more packets to get me to the next grocery! The trail provides!