CDT Days 4 & 5: the very blustery days

mile 53.4 to mile 74.8: 21.4 miles

mile 74.8 to Lordsburg: 10.1 miles

Total miles: 84.9 miles

We had a quick climb in the morning to the top of a saddle on the ridge we camped just south of. We had stopped early the day before because we were heading right into the sun and it didn’t look like there would be any shade. This morning, it worked to our advantage, and the sun was at our backs for most of the morning. We spent most of the day walking across a wide expanse of land toward Pyramid Mountain.

The wind was severe all day, and whenever we could find some escape from the wind or sun we jumped at the chance.

We kept nearing the mountains, hoping that they would break-up the wind, but they offered little protection. Fortunately we found a deep wash to camp in, that offered some protection.

The next morning the wind was still gusting overhead, and we were back into the full force of it as we headed towards Lordsburg. Lordsburg was the town we caught the shuttle from, so we knew what services to expect and were looking forward to lunch in town.

The ten miles went quickly, and we were in town mid-morning. When we arrived at the hotel’s lobby we ran into our friend Shiloh from the PCT, and who we share mutual connections with back in Maine. We had lunch together, and it was fun to catch-up. He was leaving to start his hike the next day, so we don’t know when we’ll run into him next.

The rest of the day in town was spent running a few errands. I sent home my umbrella and camp shoes, and Garrett picked-up a few food items. Afterwards, we crashed in the hotel room and ordered pizza for dinner. We always make the mistake of ordering too much pizza the first time we order it on the trail; this time though, we almost finished it all! It was a nice recharge for the next section of trail.Collecting water