CDT Day 56: the yurt is open

Campsite on Lost Creek Trail to the Friends of the Colorado Trail Yurt: 9.9 miles

Total miles: 820.1

Early in the morning I awoke to what felt like someone shoving me. I opened my eyes and saw the side of the tent bending from the wind. Either that or it was a bear. I assumed if it was a bear it would have clawed itself in already, and Garrett didn’t seem too concerned, so I went back to sleep for a couple hours. Garrett confirmed that indeed there had been a fierce, yet quick rainstorm. We peaked outside and there were some dark clouds down the valley, but not imminently atop of us; so we decided to breakfast and continue on.

It was a steep climb up a Jeep road, and we quickly made it back to the CDT. This part of the CDT is also the Colorado Trail, and in a couple miles we made it above 13,000ft for the first time on the trail. The point happens to be the highest point on the Colorado Trail. The weather was starting to grow bad, and it was getting increasingly windy and cold, so we hurried down. We only made it a couple of miles before wet snow started to fall, and we threw up our tent because we were getting very cold.

We had hot lunch and tea to warm up, and listened to a podcast to pass the time. We had cell service, so I was able to catch up with my Mom who was in Spain. Crazy what technology can do! The snow stopped, and we decided to continue on to a lower elevation. There was a yurt in about 3 miles, but we were unsure if it was open.

When we arrived we were happy to find that it was open, so we stepped in to filter some water and get out of the cold. After an hour we were debating if we should leave, and pretty soon after that we heard lightening and the sky opened up.

When we first arrived we were two of three, but six other hikers ended filtering in. We all ended up staying at the yurt to avoid the storm. Superhip played some good music on a little speaker he packs with him, and we played cards to pass the time. The storm ended passing, and the sun even came out, but by then we were all cozy and saw no need to hike a few miles only to set up a tent on snow.