CDT Days 93-95: road walk to Rawlins

Day 93: CDT mile 1563.3 to Miller Hill Road, 28.4 miles

Day 94: Miller Hill Road to Rawlins, 17.5 miles

Day 95: Rawlins, 0 miles

Total miles: 1395.1

Our first night on the trail in Wyoming was a relief. We both slept well, as we always tend to do out here, and were up and out on the trail before the mosquitoes could find us on the edge of the forest. We’d heard voices and saw a tent nearby, and soon enough at our first water source we ran into the folks behind the tent, 2 Bad Dogs. They were on the trail a couple years back, and came back this year to finish the sections they had to miss. They only had three more miles on this section before they made it to their car. It was a pretty section to leave from. The landscape slowly rolled out of the mountains, and we could see the Great Basin shimmering from the heat in the distance.

At 2 Bad Dogs car they shared some soda and an apple with us, and which we were very appreciative of! From there, we readied ourselves for a 36 mile road walk into the town of Rawlins. The “official” CDT in this area is actually 20 miles longer, but also follows mostly roads and had even less water. Some of the water is alkaline and can cause GI distress. That way didn’t even sound fun if I wasn’t pregnant, so we decided to take the shorter road walk that had a little more water. Even at that though, we’d still have to carry water for 22 miles.

So with 36 miles between us and town, we got started. The scenery was pretty, and the heat wasn’t as bad as we had anticipated. We stopped in the little shade that we could find for lunch, and we found a little bit more in the afternoon to make the walk bearable. As we were nearing our last water for the final 22 miles into town it started to rain. The cool rain felt so good after the heat of the day, we didn’t mind. The problem was it didn’t look like it had any intention of stopping. We’d wanted to stop and eat dinner there, but we didn’t want to in the rain, so we filled up our water and continued on.

The rain stopped and started, and then finally the skies opened and it poured. It was starting to get late, and we were getting hungry, and a little (ahem… some of us were getting very) hangry. Finally around 8pm the rain started to stall, and we passed a cooler with water bottles on ice. We each drank one, and I got a brain freeze from the ice cold water. Shortly after that we finally found a place to camp, and were able to set up the tent before the next batch of rain started. We crawled into the tent and ate our food, and then immediately fell asleep.

The next day we woke up, ready to tackle the final miles into town. If our math was right we could manage to get the 16 miles to the north end of town where we would hit a restaurant with a Thai lunch buffet. The miles went quickly, and we made it to lunch in town. Thai lunch buffet may not have been the best thing to eat after walking 16 miles in the heat, but it sure did taste good!

We also stopped at the post office, and when I walked in the woman at the counter smiled warmly at me. She asked me if it was difficult to hike the CDT while pregnant. Then paused to confirm I was actually hiking the CDT. I laughed, because she was the first person so assume aloud (rightly so!) that I was pregnant. My baby bump has definitely popped out a bit in the last few weeks, and is starting to show through my loose sun shirt. The pack without a hipbelt has been a huge help!

The trail goes through town, so after lunch we walked a mile and a half down to where the hotels are and checked-in for two nights to take a much deserved zero the next day. As always we had a list of things to get though in town, and we managed to complete most of them. It was so nice to get out of the sun for the day, before embarking on the next 118 mile stretch through the basin.