savory quinoa and beet pancakes

I find myself moving again, a short 10 months after my last move, and if I’m lugging these cookbooks and cooking magazine clippings to another location, I better start cooking out of some of them!  I think that “waste not, want not,” applies to more than just food- in my case, it applies to cookbooks as well.  Because of this, I’ve stopped buying them, and check them out from the library first before committing.
These pancakes are a great way to kick-off the blog for several reasons;
1)    I finally am cooking something out of Kim Boyce’s “Good to the Grain.” I have been checking this book in and out of the library repeatedly, never making anything, yet buying flours when I see them in the store.  Today, as the start of the blog, it only seems right to try something new.
2)    I was able to use up some beet puree I had sitting in the freezer, which I’m trying to clear out before this move.
3) They are pancakes, need I say more?  There should always be an excuse to make pancakes!

This pancakes came together easily.  I think they would be a great thing to keep in your head as a use for leftover beets, as roasting beets just for these pancakes seems likes an awful lot of work.  I used the suggested quinoa flour, which was a nice grassy compliment to the earthiness of the beets; however, you could use half whole wheat and half all-purpose to no ill effect.  I followed her suggestion for savory pancakes (if you’d like to make them sweeter, for breakfast use 3 TBSP of dark brown sugar); however, since I don’t like my pancakes sweet to begin with, I would be very happy with these pancakes as they are for breakfast, with maple syrup and greek yogurt.
For today, I enjoyed them with a fried egg and some broccoli.  I’m already plotting to use this recipe for other left-over vegetables, I think my next attempt might be blending leftover spinach or broccoli into a puree and using that instead of the beets.