mini-banana cream pie cups

Happy blue sky day to you all!

It’s been super hot, muggy, and buggy these past few days in Maine. Finally it rained the other day and gave us some reprieve. Now it’s a blissful sunny and breezy 65ºF! Despite the oppresive bugs and weather we’ve had, it was a great weekend here at Little Lyford. The lodge was full of energy! IMG_2960
There were fly fishing lessons, lots of cookies, windmill demonstrations, more cookies, volunteers in the garden, and swarms of hummingbirds. Did you know a group of hummingbirds can be called a glittering, shimmer, bouquet, hover, or tune? I’m not sure how many hummingbirds constitute a glittering, but I’ve seen more hummingbirds together this weekend than I’ve ever seen before. A tune perch in the tree by the bathhouse and zip over to get a drink from the feeders we have hanging on our front porch.IMG_2991 Hummingbirds can be quite territorial, so generally one only gets a few sips before another comes and shoes it away. It’s one of the most aggressive bouquets you’ll ever see. I stand still by the feeder to watch them up close, and I’ll hear what sounds like a mini-helicopter as one flits by my shoulder. Watching the hummingbirds has become my new favorite pastime. A close second is learning the names for groups of birds (a worm of robins, a gross of grosbeaks, a murder of crows!).IMG_3001

IMG_2969This dessert got everything started off on a good note Friday, even our youngest guest (at nine months!) enjoyed it! I knew I wanted to make a cream pie, but with about 20 mouths to feed I was wavering over how many pies were needed to go around. Heaven forbid somebody get a puny piece of pie! I also have not had the best of luck blind baking crusts, so to save any potential frustration I made mini-cream pies in ramekins and forewent the crust (thus making these “cups”).IMG_2965For a casual supper, you could even make it in a pie dish and scoop it into bowls when you’re ready to serve. It’s cool, it’s breezy, it pretty much matches the mood around here. All that’s left to do is find a hover of hummingbirds and watch the time go pie by!