Finally on the trail!

Day 1: Campo to Morena Lake 20 miles

A few weeks ago we looked like this:

And now we look like this:

After a wonderful couple days with my brother Drew in San Diego, we embarked on the PCT! He was kind enough to drive down from Los Angeles, and pick us up at the San Diego Airport Thursday night. Friday, we went to the zoo, and Satirday he drove us to the trailhead for 730AM! After some photo-ops, we said good-bye and were off down the trail. We made it to Lake Morena campground, met a few folks also hiking, and called it an early night!

Day 2: Lake Morena to Mt. Laguna 22.5 miles

We wanted to make it to Mt. Laguna by 5pm today, so we could reach the store before it closed and we could get our resupply package. We’ve chosen to mail 24 food drops to ourselves to help us cut down on town time. The day was similar to yesterday, mid-60s and partially sunny. We passed through lush meadows, shrubby canyons, and pine forests. It was stunning!

We made it to Mt. Laguna to pick-up our package, and after two long days, we couldn’t resist the allure of a $60 room at the Mt. Laguna lodge. So much for cutting down on town time, but we have a 6 day stretch of trail coming up next!

Happily from the trail,