Day 66-69

Day 66: PCT mile 1020.9 to 1040.4, 20.5 miles

Day 67: PCT mile 1040.4 to 1061.5, 21.1 miles 

Day 68: PCT mile 1061.5 to 1081.7, 20.2 miles

Day 69: PCT mile 1081.7 to Lake Aloha, 16.6 miles

We had another cold, yet beautiful morning on day 66. We quickly entered the Carson-Iceburg Wilderness, and enjoyed views of the neat rock formations that characterize the area. 

We made camp by a stream, and shared a campfire with another pair of hikers while we ate our dinner. 

Day 67 we hiked through another surprising landscape; meadows on the sides of crumbling mountains. We also decided that we really like pop-tarts. Unfortunately we also ran out of pop-tarts.

Day 68 we woke up to a beautiful view from our campsite. 

The trail was pretty, and we climbed through a wildflower speckled meadow. 

We made it about 8.5 miles when we came across Lost Lake. It looked like a beautiful place for a swim, so we did and took an early lunch. 

The rest of the day came easy, and we arrived at the Carson Pass Visitors Center late afternoon. The volunteer there asked us where we were coming from, and when I said “Mexico” she replied, “I’ll fix you a plate!” She disappeared, only to reappear with a plate of snacks for Garrett and I. It was awesome, and completely unexpected, and totally made our day!

Day 69 I woke up to the buzzing of mosquitos; which was strange, as they tend to be tolerable in the mornings. This morning they were up early, and ready for blood! We quickly broke down the tent, ate our breakfast, and got on our way. We had to hike five miles or so before they relented, and when they did we had a snack. About five miles later we arrived at Echo Lake, and were eager to have a hot lunch from the lake store there! We had panini, soda, and ice cream (a welcome change from trail mix & granola bars). We grabbed some more rations, and started back at the trail. We came upon Lake Aloha a few hours later, and decided to camp on the shore. We went for a swim, then ate a delicious picnic dinner from the store; hummus, baugette, grapes, and goat cheese.