Oregon, we made it!: days 94-99

Day 94: PCT mile 1563.6 to 1588.3, 24.7 miles
Day 95: PCT mile 1588.3 to 1610.9, 22.6 miles 
Day 96: PCT mile 1610.9 to 1634, 23.1 miles
Day 97: PCT mile 1634 to Seiad Valley, 19.4 miles
Day 98: Seiad Valley to Bear Dog Spring, 20.2 miles
Day 99: Bear Dog Spring to PCT mile 1697, 23.3 miles

On Day 94 the mountains changed again as we entered the Russian Wilderness. We were awed by the rock formations on the ridge, and the lush treed valleys.

The next day we entered yet another wilderness, the Marble Mountain Wilderness. As we were enjoying out lunch, a team of fire jumpers walked by. They had parachuted in a few days before to contain and stop a forest fire that had been initiated by lighting (the same storm that brought us the hail). Throughout the day we could see way down to the valleys below. It was a quiet day on the trail, we only saw a couple other hikers, and passed 1600 miles on the PCT!

Day 96 we hiked deeper into the Marble Mountain Wilderness; and it became apparent as to why it was named such. 

Day 97 was all downhill into Seiad Valley. We walked along Grider Creek, then along the road (which is the PCT for 7.2 miles), to reach the town.

 Seiad Valley, population 350 people, consists of a post office, cafe, general store, and RV park. There is also a movement there (including other towns in Northern Cali & Southern Oregon) to succeed from California, and become their own state- The State of Jefferson; needless to say, it was a quirky place. We made it into town mid-afternoon, and spent the rest of the day snacking and catching-up with other hikers. My Mom sent us new shirts to replace our threadbare ones, and some snacks (including root beer poptarts!). Our moms are the best trail angels!

Day 98 we tackled the feared climb out of Seiad Valley. We fueled-up for it at the cafe in town; nothing like 2 eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, a biscuit, and a pot of coffee to power you 8 miles and 4500 feet of elevation gain! The climb wasn’t that bad, and we enjoyed great views throughout the day. 

Along with the usual deer, we also saw a rattlesnake and an owl. Despite all my adventures into the woods, I haven’t seen many owls- so the sighting was particularly special to me that evening.

And then… we finally made it to OREGON!!! After 1,689 miles of beautiful California, we crossed out first state border along the PCT! We’ve been anticipating this moment for the last couple of weeks, and it was starting to feel like it would never come. We had a bit of Canadian whiskey at the border to celebrate, and remind us we still have two more states and one country border to cross before we hopefully finish the whole trail. 

We’re feeling good and are still astounded each day by the beauty that surrounds us. We have high hopes for Oregon, and are feeling strong! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the trail brings!