some time off & then back to the trail: days 100-104

Day 100: PCT mile 1697 to Ashland, 19.4 miles 

Days 101-102, 0 miles (town days!)

Day 103: Ashland to PCT mile 1734.5, 18.4 miles

Day 104: PCT mile 1734.5 to 1754.9, 20.4 miles

We woke-up on day 100 of our hike and eagerly broke down our camp, as we were both looking forward to getting into Ashland for dinner. The day was mostly rolling, and we saw a lot of day hikers. For our first full day in Oregon, the trail really didn’t seem that much different from California! It will soon change though we imagine.

A few miles from town I tripped on some thick roots and came down hard on my shin. Fortunately, nothing was broken, but I scraped my leg badly in multiple places. We were really close to a faucet on private property, whose owner allows hikers to use for water, so I was able to clean-it up and bandage it until we got into town (for those of you with your Wilderness First Aid training, I was able to irrigate the wound with the syringe we have to clean our water filter!). While I was doing that, a bee stung me! It was a bit of a rough walk to the road, but a free beer at Callahan’s and a delicious dinner made everything seem okay! After dinner we got a quick ride to our hotel in Ashland. We had two awesome days in town, where we bought some new clothes, ate some delicious food, and rested-up. Garrett’s feet are starting to feel better, and hopefully the trend continues!

Our first day out of town we got a bit of a later start, and made it back to the trail by 9:30am. The day was rolling, and we hiked closer to Pilot Rock which we could see the previous day. We also got our last views of Mt. Shasta.

The next day we entered the Rogue River National Forest, and were treated to rolling green hills for most of the day. I was pretty tired by the end of the day (too much time off?), so we ate dinner and decided to camp a bit early to rest-up for the rest of Oregon!