onward into Oregon: days 105-107

Day 105: PCT mile 1754.9 to 1777.4, 22.5 miles 

Day 106: PCT mile 1777.4 to 1800.7, 23.3 miles

Day 107: PCT mile 1800.7 to 1818.4, 17.7 miles 

A good night’s rest can cure a lot of things, and fortunately it was all I needed to feel back to normal! 

We walked a quick six miles to South Brown Mountain Shelter, and filled-up our water. There are only a few shelters along the PCT, so we were interested to see what it looked like. It had a wood stove, and we think it gets more use in the winter as a warmig hut for cross-country skiers as there wasn’t a lot of room for sleeping like there is in the shelters along the Appalachian Trail. Most interesting though was the four large coolers full of fresh fruit and cold drinks, a happy surprise!

Later that day we walked across lava rocks, and Oregon started to take on a character of its own compared to California.

One thing Oregon hasn’t had is a lot of water, which is surprising as it is so green! When we do get to water, a break is in order. We came to a creek late in the day, and caught up to about a dozen hikers- this most we’ve seen in one place for quite awhile. We cleaned-up, and hiked a bit more until calling it a day.

Day 106 was supposed to have easy terrain, but we were surprised by miles of blown down trees blocking the trail. We managed, getting quite the work-out climbing over large trunks and going around the ones we couldn’t manage.

Afterwards we started our ascent of Devil’s Peak, and it was well worth the climb. 


On the way down we hit our first water in nearly 15 miles, and eagerly drank the fresh, cold water. We had dinner, and filled-up to make it the 22.4 miles to the next water source at Crater Lake National Park! 

We grumbled a bit about having to carry so much water, but we had just a bit of food left as we were resupplying at Crater Lake and the terrain was beautiful and gentle- so our packs didn’t feel as heavy as we thought they would! On the way in we went through a old burn area which was strikingly beautiful with saplings as far as the eye could see. 

We made it in to the park late afternoon, and picked-up our packages; we had four! Two we sent to ourselves, one from my Mom, and one from Diane. Other thru-hikers jokingly asked if the boxes were our resupply to Canada. We went to dinner and called it a day- we’re looking forward to seeing the lake tomorrow!