goodbye, Oregon!: days 120-124

Day 120: Trooper Spring to PCT mile 2076.4, 23.9 miles
Day 121: PCT mile 2076.4 to 2094.4, 18 miles 
Day 122: PCT mile 2094.4 to 2108.9, 14.5 miles
Day 123: PCT mile 2108.9 to Cascade Locks, 31 miles 
Day 124: Cadcade Locks, 0 miles

This blog post is a bit different because it has been raining for the last few days; so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Day 120 was flat and cold, and we powered through for a big climb up to Timberline Lodge the next day. The lodge sits near the summit of Mt. Hood, and we made it in time for dinner. We camped nearby, and the next day went in for the buffet breakfast. We spent 3 hours at breakfast, chatting with other hikers (and eating!!!).

After breakfast we hiked by Ramona Falls, and enjoyed some sun for a change!

The next day we were 31 miles from the town of Cascade Locks, and thought we’d hike a regular day then a short day to get in; however, we awoke to a cold steady rain. We ate breakfast in the tent, and got going a little later than usual. The rain didn’t look like it would clear, and it got worse as we hiked on. We took minimal breaks, and by 2pm realized we’d already hiked 16 miles and that we had a chance to make Cascade Locks by nightfall.

We started downhill, and as we got out of the clouds the rain stopped. We passed by many waterfalls, and even by one you could walk behind.

We made it by 8pm, and feasted at the local burger joint before checking into a hotel. We spent the next day in Cascade Locks, and enjoyed the rest day! Tomorrow we walk into Washington across the Bridge of the Gods. Blog posts may be sporadic through Washington, as the next 505 miles to the finish are remote and I don’t have much hope for good cell phone service; but we’ll blog when we can!

Bridge of the Gods