first days of Washigton: days 125-128

Day 125: Cascade Locks to PCT mile 2150.5, 6.3 miles 
Day 126: PCT mile 2150.5 to Trout Creek, 23.6 miles 
Day 127: Trout Creek to Crest Horse Camp, 21.2 miles
Day 128: Crest Horse Camp to Trout Lake Creek, 26 miles
Day 129: Trout Lake Creek to Killen Creek, 20.6 miles

We had a great day off, and lingered the next day in town. Cascade Locks is a small town, with very limited dining options, we ended-up eating two breakfasts, two dinners, and a lunch at the Bridgeside Restaurant; it is casual, but excellent! They do burgers and comfort food using fresh, local ingredients; our type of place! It was my birthday the day we left town, so we stayed for a delicious birthday lunch!

We crossed the Bridge of the Gods, and entered Washington! A few minutes later we passed by some trail magic, and had to take a break to enjoy it! A southbounder came along, so we chatted for awhile. It became clear we weren’t going to go so far, so we meandered a bit further and found a nice camp spot by a stream. It’s become a tradition to camp on my birthday, so it was fitting that we continued the trend.

birthday toast!

The next day we were able to see Mt. Adams, Mt. Reiner, and Mt. St. Helens from afar. Afterwards, we hiked through rolling green hills under a blue sky. Towards the end of the day we started a long uphill climb.

Day 127 the good weather continued, as did the uphill! We had spectacular views of Mt. Adams as we hiked closer. Fun fact, the total miles we’ve hiked on the PCT is about the length of the Appalachian Trail (~2195 miles)! When Garrett hiked the AT in 2011, he did it in 3.5 months! 

The following day we got even closer to Mt. Adams, and by the next we were hiking around its base. While the PCT doesn’t go over Mt. Adams, it was impressive none the less.

that’s a glacier!

We passed over silty glacial streams, and munched on huckleberries throughout the day. Even though my ankle was swollen from a bee sting the day before, it was a great day!