looks like rain: days 134-137

Day 134: Sheep Lake to Mike Urich Cabin, 21.4 miles
Day 135: Mike Urich Cabin to PCT mile 2368.3, 23.7 miles
Day 136: PCT mile 2368.3 to Snoqualamie Pass, 22.4 miles
Day 137: Snoqualamie Pass, 0 miles

In my last post I totally forgot to mention that we hiked into Mt. Rainier National Park on the PCT. We walked past gorgeous lakes and glacier carved U-shaped valleys.

And we had terrific views of the mountain!

On day 134 we were unhappy to see 100% chance of rain in the forecast. We lucked out and found a sheltered spot under a tree, and woke up at 5am to break down camp before the heavy rain started. Although it was already sprinkling, the tree kept us dry! Carrying a soaking wet tent is no fun. It rained, and looked like this all day.

We booked it the nearly 22 miles to a cabin by 3pm. A cabin! There are very few shelters along the way, and we were super lucky that we passed one on a rainy day. It was crowded and loud with hikers seeking shelter from the rain, but any frustrations were well worth it as we could stay warm and dry out overnight.

The rain cleared-up for a day, before starting again early the next. We were lucky this day too, as we were headed into Snoqualamie Pass. It rained hard most of the day, but it was made better by some very unexpected trail magic. Two previous PCTers had a pop-up tent, and were flipping pancakes and serving coffee. It was awesome to sit down in a dry place and eat hot food on a cold, dreary day! It fueled us on to get to the pass, and as we got close the sun started to peak out.

We checked into the hotel, and laid all of our things to dry. We had a nice relaxing day off the next day, and I even had a chance to see an old friend who lived nearby. We got our resupply box, and a box of treats from my Mom and grandma Mimi (thank you!!!). It was a good rest before the final 260 miles to the border!